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Who are you without your physical strength?

Take a moment with me and imagine that something happened in your life and you were no longer the physically strong woman you are known for being?  Maybe you are injured, have another health problem that is keeping you out of the gym, are insanely busy...

Learning to Live in Moderation

Living in a culture where more is celebrated and less is frowned upon--learning to live in moderation-- is exceedingly difficult. In particular, when it comes to nutrition, moderation in terms of the foods we consume can be a daunting task. If portion size...

Maintenance as a Nutrition Goal?

If you are a strength sport athlete, then you likely have strength goals. Whether it’s a personal PR, a state or national record, or qualifying for a specific meet, you likely have something that you are working towards. So what about nutrition goals?You...

Do deep squats cause knee damage?

Do deep squats cause knee damage?We’ve all heard people say that deep squats are bad for your knees, yet we all know many people that do it and have seemingly no trouble.  So what’s the deal? Do the people who suggest not squatting deep know something we...

Tips for Athletes Who Feel Out of Balance

High achieving people (which is probably you if you are an athlete) often purposely have to live their lives out of balance at times, and that’s ok!!! Social media posts about balance can make us feel like we are doing something wrong. It’s easy to get caught up in...

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