Welcome to Eat for Strength!

If you are embarking on this journey and want to learn how to #eat4strength through tracking macros, then this lesson is for you! However, if you are choosing to follow the Intuitive Eating portion of Eat for Strength, please use the ‘Next Lesson’ button below to navigate to your lesson!

*SIDE NOTE: To advance in the course, you must at least view each lesson, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Mark Complete’ before you can advance to the next lesson. For instance, if you are following Intuitive Eating and the lesson you are on is specifically for Macro Trackers, scroll to the bottom of the page and select ‘Mark Complete. This will allow you to advance to the next lesson. Additionally, some lessons are time sensitive, meaning they will only become available at certain times during the course. The lessons will never disappear, but it will take you 10 weeks to complete the entire course!

Join the conversation! Join the Eat for Strength Facebook Group Page.Here is where you can ask any and all questions, and interact with other women who have enrolled in either the Eat for Strength or Eat for Strength – Cut course!

Calculate your macros below:

If you are unsure of your body fat %, please use the images below as a guide:

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