Female Strength Academy

Female Strength Academy is an educational resource for female strength athletes looking for true evidence-based information regarding training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset.

“Deep down, I always knew I was severely undereating for my goals. Eat For Strength helped me let go of the fear of eating at maintenance (or surplus). Over the next 16 weeks, I hit 10+ PRs on my squats, snatch, and clean and jerk I had previously only dreamed about.”

Meg Cole

National USAW Athlete, Instagram: @megcolelifts

Learn how to fuel your body for athletic performance. Created using research-based information, Eat for Strength is designed to teach you how to navigate your nutrition and mindset for optimal performance.

Learn how to apply scientific principles to your training, nutrition and recovery. Check out our ebooks designed to help you achieve your strength, recovery, and mindset goals.

Have you heard the podcast that started it all? Listen to episodes of Empowered by Iron HERE. We cover training, nutrition, recovery, and mindset topics.

Need a plan? Check out our Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Strength programs designed for beginner and intermediate female strength athletes.

Intuitive Eating for Strength Athletes

Intuitive Eating for Strength AthletesA lot of people in the industry give intuitive eating a bad rap, especially as it applies to strength athletes. They view it as an excuse to eat irresponsibly, recklessly, and without any regard for moderation, and I...

Intermittent Dieting

I’m not going to sugar coat this - I geeked out hardcore when this article about intermittent dieting came out.  I have not seen a single paper so directed at something most of us strength athletes NEED to know…WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO LOSE BODY FAT AND RETAIN...

Alcohol and Strength Training

What are the effects of alcohol on strength training? Anecdotally, I know alcohol affects my recovery which in turn affects my performance. I also know alcohol is inflammatory. But until now I had never truly read the research regarding alcohol and athletes. There...

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