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  • E4S – Cut was designed for female strength athletes who are looking to cut-the-fluff while keeping athletic performance high. This is a 10 week online, self-guided course that walks you through the facts and the feels of cutting.**Disclaimer: Not recommended to cut weight for a meet that is 12 weeks or less away. Due to individual differences in metabolism, we recommend that athletes with a strict timeline for making weight for a meet that they work with a one-on-one coach, such as Fiercely Fueled Nutrition or Intuitive Athlete Nutrition.
    • Learn how to fuel your body for athletic performance while getting strong and cutting the fluff.
    • 10 Week online self-guided course that teaches you the fundamentals of nutrition with on a cut with the focus on athletic performance.
    • Only for those who can track macros. There is no Intuitive Eating portion of this course.
    • You will learn how to assess your progress and adjust your plan accordingly.
    • Bi-weekly mindset topics to help you mentally navigate Eat for Strength – Cut.
    • Access to the E4S Facebook group page where you can share your journey alongside other women. Here you can ask questions and get feedback from everyone, including Kristin and Mary!

    If you want to learn how to maintain strength and fuel your athletic performance while on a cut, then this program is for you!

    Complete our 10 Week Strength Program along with this course or either our beginning or intermediate weightlifting program designed by CB Weightlifting.

    Course Content: 

    • Lesson Topics:
      • How to navigate social situations and traveling while on a cut.
      • Macro timing to optimize performance and recovery.
      • Dialing in your carbohydrate &fat sources.
      • Self-assessment on a cut.
    • Mindset Series
      • Mindset of a cut.
      • Discipline.
      • Pushing through mental barriers.
      • Managing stress without food.
      • Re-adjusting to maintenance macros.






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