Eat for Strength – Mass




This is not your traditional massing program.

This is a program for women who have been staying in a weight class that they have outgrown, or for women who have been chronically dieting at the detriment of their performance and/or health, or simply the woman who feels chronically under recovered and doesn’t mind to gain a little weight.

**If you are a hard gainer (meaning you are naturally very lean and have to force feed yourself just to maintain your weight), this program is not one that you will likely gain weight in, though you will learn to give your body what it needs.

Who is this for?

  • If you have been struggling to stay in your current weight class or feel like you are limiting your strength potential in order to maintain your current weight or body composition.
  • Athletes who are serious about putting on strength.
  • Despite doing all you have been told to do, you are frustrated with your performance in training.

All of our E4S courses have performance as the primary focus. This one is no different, but has a fun twist.

E4S – Mass a method of eating to support your recovery. When we eat to support recovery, we allow our bodies to train harder and drive muscle gain, as well as strength.

**For those that have been chronically under eating to maintain their weight, you will gain weight on this plan. This course will help you find your body’s “happy place” for optimal performance and recovery.

Be prepared to feel like a beast in the gym, sleep better, have a better mood, and build a positive relationship with your body and food.

Lesson Includes: 

  • Background on protein, carbs, fats
  • Nutrient Timing for optimize performance
  • Incorporating macro tracking and intuitive eating
  • Learning how to eat for recovery
  • How to measure your recovery
  • Theory of Fluff/Un-Fluff
  • How to establish goals and priorities for recovery and performance



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