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  • Eat for Strength is a self-guided online course that teaches you the fundamentals of nutrition for female strength athletes. Whether you are new to lifting or have been lifting for years, Eat for Strength was designed to help you get strongAF while staying in your weight class (or responsibly moving into the next weight class).
    • Learn how to fuel your body for athletic performance while getting strong and staying in your weight class (or build up into the next weight class if desired).
    • 10 Week online self-guided course that teaches you the fundamentals of nutrition with the focus on athletic performance.
    • Two different methods:
      • Macro Tracking: Best for individuals who do not resort to disordered eating habits.
      • Intuitive Eating: Perfect for individuals who are suffering from or are over-coming disordered eating.
    • In this course, we teach you how to be your own nutrition coach. You will learn how to assess your progress and adjust your plan.
    • Weekly nutrition and mindset lessons structured to help navigate you into the world of eating for athletic performance.
    • Access to the Eat for Strength Facebook group page where you can share your #eatforstrength journey alongside other women. Here you can ask questions and get feedback from everyone, including Kristin and Mary!

    If you want to learn how to get strong, fuel your training and stay in your weight class, then this is the course for you!

    Complete our 10 Week Strength Program along with this course or either our beginning or intermediate weightlifting program designed by CB Weightlifting. 

    Course Content: 

    • Week 1: Getting Started: Intro into Intuitive Eating, Macro tracking, & determine your starting point.
    • Week 2: How to assess your progress & nutrient timing to maximize performance.
    • Week 3: Goal assessment – Where do you want to be?
    • Week 4: Carbohydrate sources.
    • Week 5: Being honest with your progress.
    • Week 6: Protein quality & timing.
    • Week 7: Deciphering priorities.
    • Week 8: Fat sources.
    • Week 9: Supplements.
    • Week 10: Going forward with balance.




  • “Kristin and Mary are so kind, intelligent, and supportive, they really make this course a journey of self rather than any kind of diet. I loved the focus on sustainability and positive self-improvement! There is no baby-sitting here which means you get to learn to work towards removing bias from your self-assessments. But there’s an amazing, strong community that’s enthusiastic and supportive that will help you through and hype you up! All in all, a great, educational course.” – Eat for Strength Athlete
  • “This was such a great intro course for me. I think there is so much awesome material for me to reflect on, and I will continue to get great use from what I’ve learned and what I have yet to even touch. The immediate responses given by M & K were so appreciated and knowledgeable. Working alongside similar minded ladies made me feel at ease, and helped keep me involved in the program. Thank you E4S for getting my journey going on the right foot!” -Eat for Strength Athlete


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